The Year of What If?

As the start of 2019 came and passed, I realized I wanted to really set some SMART goals to make this second semester much better than the last.  Last semester felt like a great semester with some really big UPs and some pretty hard DOWNs.  I knew that I had to make some classroom management changes a really stick with these changes especially in one of my content areas.

I came up with…What if?  As I think through research and read other experiences or strategies, I always have the intent to try all of them but rarely find the opportunity.  So this semester…

What if…

  1. I make a list of all ideas as soon as see them.  Add them to my lessons as I write them and check them off once I have applied them.
  2. I reflect each day and share along with other educators and really reflect utilizing my blog.  I was inspired by A.J. Juliani’s “30 Days of Blogging Challenge” and have committed to journaling 250 words a day and post every Sunday.
  3. I push myself to really stand firm on my classroom management strategy.  Be committed and persevere through the rough days and believe in my strategy.
  4. I put myself out there more and applied for new opportunties within various education outlets.

What if…I just GO FOR IT!?

First Week of 2019: Back in the Classroom

Classroom Management

So I really love the idea of making appropriate behavior competitive so I want to try and use the teacher vs student activity from this blog (link below).  I am going to add this to the game. I will have a container and for each week the students win they will receive 20 warm and fuzzies to put in their container. The container has three prizes 1) 20 min free time 2) makerspace collab 3) Marketing Movie Day.  

“Teacher Versus Students Class Management Game from Will Teach For Tacos Blog” gave me such inspiration!  I really am looking forward to taking this into my classroom.

To add into my ideas, I included a Positive Tree in my sub packet.  I have had issues with subs giving me information about the class so I am going to add some incentive into the sub notes for my students.  They need to remind the sub to complete the Positive Tree. If the tree is completed with detailed, positive information about student behavior and all assignments are completed by everyone as instructed, classroom is clean, etc., students have a chance to earn marks on the board in our competition!  My hope is that I can not only encourage positive student behavior while I am gone but I can also encourage the sub to give me actual information about the environment.

My goal: I hope this will remove the behaviors that distract me from teaching and others from learning while also documenting those behaviors in the students language.

Innovation in the Classroom

I have experienced some push back from the various technology projects or really any projects that require a little extra effort I have added to my content.  I have never really been great at the whole “worksheet teaching” thing so I have always used many projects but have found students really want to be spoon-fed material.  I want more for them.  I want more for my classroom learning environment.  I want more excitement as a teacher.  I want them to WANT to ask the question and find the answer whether it is right or wrong.

As a member of our district Vanguard group, I really hope to incorporate more of the amazing applications they are share with us.  Incorporating my learning from our Apple Learning Specialist trainings.  Integration with buy-in from students is my goal.  I want to show the students the VALUE of the integration and how it will benefit them in the real world.


I have always believed in reflection but never made extra time for myself to do this throughout the day.  With my 250 word goal per day I find myself more intentional with my reflection.  I quickly sit down and reflect about what happened, my successes, failures, student responses or anything else that came to mind about the previous lesson.

I want this to push myself into a growth mindset and really strive for my inner-next-level educator.


Ultimately, I want to see personal and professional growth.  Not the “more money” type of growth but the “more innovative” type of growth.  Growth from the inside out.


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