Wow!  Has this year already rocked for us in the classroom!  I can’t even believe how many things we have accomplished and what is yet to come.

We started the year off with so many wonderful activities the kids really enjoyed.  Check out my “First Week’s Trials and Successes” post here.  We have been working so hard on so many other wonderful projects:

“I’m not a teacher, but an awakener.”

-Robert Frost

Marketing Practicum just completed their first ever client meetings and are in the beginning phases of writing their first Integrate Marketing Campaign for local businesses.

Social Media Marketing has created YouTube videos using Clips, podcasts and songs using GarageBand, begun writing their first social media marketing campaign for the AT&T “It Can Wait” campaign and will be working through a platform study requiring them to research a platform and teach their peers how to be successful as a business professional on the platform.

Virtual Business classes has completed their first interactive eBook using Pages.  The students created a Keynote Movie about their business concepts Lean Canvas Model.  They incorporated the movie into their eBook along with a video, audio and image gallery.  The kids knocked it out of the park!  This is only chapter one so SHHH keep that a secret!

IncubatorEDU has be tirelessly working on business concepts, completed two drafts of an elevator pitch, Keynote movie integrating their Lean Canvas Model, a Business Journal using Pages and met with their mentors once in an effort to begin their community involvement journey of the program.

“I never teach my pupils. I only attempt to provide the conditions in which they can learn.”

—Albert Einstein

Gosh…I am so tired after typing all of this BUT it has only just begun.  Our district Vanguard group will be meeting with our Apple Learning Representative very soon so we can integrate MORE cool projects in the classroom using Apple apps AND we will be working on a collaborative marketing project with one of our district’s elementary schools very soon.  I AM SO EXCITED!

So here is the exciting part, 1…2….3….



If you would like first dibs on my lesson plans and activities for Clips, GarageBand podcasts, Pages ePub and iBooks, and more then complete the request below!

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