According to, the definition of transformation is “change in form, appearance, nature, or character.”  Through my reflection of my fifth year of teaching, I have a calling to transform myself as an educator thus transforming the classroom curriculum with hopes of truly transforming the learning environment for my students.

“…I realize, even more than before, how hard my mother worked as an educator.  How dedicated she was and is to the molding of young minds.  Now, it is inspiring!”


I remember sitting in my mother’s second grade classroom at College Hill Elementary looking around at all of the educational decorations.  For years, I watched my mother pack up at the end of the school year then, when the new year began, she would transform her classroom into this inviting space for learning again.  As I grew older I realized all of the other things being a teacher meant. The late nights of grading papers, creating lesson plans, testing, difficult students, and I realized this was a lot of work.  I didn’t know how much work until, I myself, became a teacher. I vowed for many years, high school and beyond, I would never be a teacher. Now that I am a teacher (because we all knew this is where I would end up) I realize, even more than before, how hard my mother worked as an educator.  How dedicated she was and is to the molding of young minds. Now, it is inspiring!

My Transformation

The passion I have in my heart is to teach students about marketing and make them LOVE it as much as I do.  Sitting at my desk yesterday I overheard a student say, “It would be really cool to create a marketing campaign for a shoe line.  All of the creativity involved in designing ads…”  My heart smiled because I realized that even though five minutes before I was almost in tears from the stress of collecting late work, I had actually impacted a student and he was using appropriate terminology.  Funny how those simple things impact your day.

Photo Credit to Nikita-Kachanovsky: unsplash

So my vow for this upcoming year is to transform.  I plan to transform my classroom into an innovative learning space that allows for choices in their project learning.  (I LOVE project-based learning but that is a completely different post.) I plan to transform my curriculum into one that pushes students to have ownership in their learning and find pride in their final products.  I plan to transform myself as an educator by releasing the control I feel I need on their learning. I want to grow. I want my students to grow. I want us to grow together.

My Hope

In the end, I want to share this experience of transformation with students, parents, government officials but most importantly other educators.  I want to provide a place where we can discuss our success and failures in lessons or projects, reflect on those tough and wonderful days and come together to inspire others.  I want to do for you all what my mother did for me so many years ago – open your eyes to world of teaching.

“Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning.”

Benjamin Franklin

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